"Fun in Acapulco" 16 x 20 inch Hand Print (edition of 150)

"Fun in Acapulco" 16 x 20 inch Hand Print (edition of 150)

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While visiting Acapulco in July of 2022, I took what is now one of my favorite photographs to date. "Fun in Acapulco," named after Elvis's 1963 Album, encapsulates the pursuit of leisure, the natural beauty of the sun kissed female form, the essence of summer, and of course the beautiful backdrop that is Acapulco Bay. The moment the shutter was released I immediately knew I would need to see It in a physical copy. Big or small, I needed a print. After a couple months of thought I decided I didn't want to be the only person to enjoy the tangible form of "Fun in Acapulco." The time to release my first limited edition print was upon me. I've only ever privately sold prints to collectors but this time around It felt important to open up the window of opportunity for people to own a piece of my work. 



It was imperative to me that my first print release would be special beyond the photograph and that's why I decided to make each print by hand, directly from the negative, in the darkroom. No computer and no photoshop, this print is the truest form of the image made in the most traditional printing method available in photography. For those of you that are not familiar with darkroom printing; the difficult process put simply is using a machine called an enlarger to project light through your negative and on to a piece of light sensitive paper that is then developed to reveal your image. This process is done entirely in the dark and requires endless amounts of tedious adjustments to make a perfect print. I spent my last year learning the in's and out's of this process and It feels like the hundreds of hours have led me to this. 

Every "Fun in Acapulco" print will be 100% made by my hands with love and. You aren't just buying a print, you are buying a piece of my artistry.  


Printed on  16x20 inch Glossy Fujicolor crystal archive paper

All prints will be numbered and signed

Frame not included

Prints may be subject to small variation because they are all made by hand.

"Fun in Acapulco" is available as aedition of 150. Once the print has sold out, the 16x20 Hand Print edition will never be available again. 

**Allow 2-3 weeks for shipping**

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